Ola - Lovingly From The Stork

Ola - Lovingly From The Stork

Get to know Ola, from Lovingly From The Stork. We uncover her passion for nature, capturing precious family moments and her love for a rather handsome Yorkshireman (lucky her!). I also share my amazing personal experience with her and the precious moments she captured of our little family.

 Ola Lovingly From The Stork

So Ola, tell us a little about yourself...

I'm originally from Poland and grew up in a town called Zamosc, which is famous for its UNESCO recognised beautiful renaissance architecture. I moved to the UK after graduating from University and shortly after fell in love with an incredibly tight, yet handsome and funny Yorkshireman. And the rest as they say is history!

I love York, it's a fascinating and open place where i can enjoy what makes me smile the most, walks in nature with my family and friends (and my crazy dog).


What is it that made you become a photographer?

Photography is more than just work for me it's a passion and obsession. I love to capture childhood portraits without any fake or uncomfortable poses. That's why I love to take pictures with my clients in nature, where families go to escape, unwind and make precious memories together like in my own childhood, not in an unnatural studio.

Catching that perfect moment where they are truly enjoying themselves, in their favourite stunning location where they love having fun - feeling, exploring and experiencing nature all around them.

"Spending time in the great outdoors is what I used to do as a child a lot. I'd give an arm and a leg to have a well-preserved picture from those days which shaped my personality. I'd share the memories it uncovered with my daughter and son, and look at it to give me strength in the uncertain times."

 boy running through bubbles

What type of photos do you specialise in?

I love capturing people's journey as a family, from pregnancy through to grown families! As a mother of two myself i know what it's like to not be in the photo much. My sessions allow the whole family to be part of the memory captured.


Many assume that private photo sessions can be expensive, how do you help families to capture these moments in an affordable way?

I offer families their photo's in bundles rather than individually like traditional photographers, making them much more affordable. They can also get £45 towards a session by joining my newsletter on my website! 

Additionally, expectant Mamas booking a newborn session are provided with a free maternity taster session with a complimentary print and three digital photographs from the shoot to make this special time even more blissful.


How is your photography planet friendly?

Because I use nature as my backdrop, there are no screens, no throw away props. It’s just me, my camera and your favourite place, creating incredible images you treasure. When it comes to your prints, quality is so important, my prints last a lifetime being archival grade (the highest) so they won’t fade or damage meaning no reprinting in a few years unlike cheap prints.

Lastly, all the frames I offer are hand made and FSC certified, so a tree is planted for every frame sold.

I’m proud to use responsible suppliers to help preserve your beautiful memories for a lifetime. 

My experience with Ola, our family photo session...

Running the business for the past few years has meant a lot of precious family time has been sacrificed. With the arrival of baby Noah fast approaching we knew something had to change and we made a plan to ensure we could spend more time together. So when Ola very kindly offered our family a photoshoot to capture this i jumped at the chance (well a little bounce, i was heavily pregnant!).

It was a bit late to organise a pregnancy session, but we booked a shoot for when Noah was a few weeks old to capture that magical newborn time, which can be hard to remember.

In the weeks before the session we had a call to discuss where we would like it to be and did we have any special requests. Our eldest son Freddie is autistic and therefore can become overwhelmed by things, i discussed all of this with Ola and she completely put me at ease. She was amazing and suggested we take Freddie's usual park walk route so he was comfortable and let the session be led by where he wanted to explore and what was making him happy at the time.

 young boy running with bubble

As a parent of a child with additional needs, this really helped put me at ease. I knew i didn't have to worry about anything. It was just like we were on our normal family outing to the park. Not to be rude but for most of it i forgot she was there! I was just engrossed in the moment, blowing bubbles with Freddie, having family cuddles and even breastfeeding Noah on the park bench. It was a lovely family morning at the park, just perfect. 

family photo by lovingly from the stork

After a short time we received our photos and myself and Rob cried. Ola had given us such a beautiful gift, she captured what we have missed so much of over the past few years, precious family time. Each image captures all of the love and joy we have as a family, in one of our favourite places, a beautiful snapshot in time. There are no poses, no big lights, no one saying cheese. Just us on a family day out.

I can't recommend Ola enough and feel like this is just the start of us capturing so many more memories together.

Family photo

Ola's details...

You can find all of Ola's details on her website, or visit her social media pages for even more examples of her talents.

Ola has kindly offered our wonderful customers an additional 10" x 8" print within any of her Bundles of Joy packages, which already offer great savings. Just quote “Little Green Wood” when you contact her.





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