Supplier Spotlight! The Yorkshire Pasta Company

Supplier Spotlight! The Yorkshire Pasta Company

Get to know Kathryn, founder and creator of The Yorkshire Pasta Company and discover how it all began! If you haven't tried it before you really must, it is honestly the best pasta I've ever eaten, it's all we eat at home now. Pasta is no longer just a standard dinner, we actually look forward to eating it and it's one of Freddie's (my almost 2year old's) favourite. 

So Kathryn, tell us a little about yourself...

I am a farmer’s daughter and Yorkshire born & bred and a keen foodie! Tom (My husband) is a keen cricketer, captain of Malton & Od Malton first XI. We live together in a small village just outside Malton and launched the Yorkshire Pasta Company a year ago next month (May).

How did it all start?

The Yorkshire Pasta Company was dreamt up whilst hiking up Cat Bells in the Lake District early 2019. Once we began investigating the concept we knew that there was a gap for us and threw everything into it. I quit my job and am now literally ‘living the dream’! Tom is my right hand man and all-round rock.

Number 5 is my ultimate favourite pasta, what do you do that makes it so delicious?

We've converted so many people away from store bought pasta already with our superior textured and tasting products, plus our stylish paper bags which are often praised. We use locally milled wheat flour and make our pastas using solar power, all of our products are plastic free. We stick to the traditional artisan methods to make our products which really does elevate the product.

How is your pasta and business planet friendly?

All of our products are 100% plastic free (woohoo!)

We use solar power to run Yorkshire Pasta HQ.

We provide a British made artisan pasta! No air miles!

We looooove your pasta with pesto, it's our favourite dish of the week and so quick to make. But how else can our customers enjoy your scrummy pasta? 

We were on James Martin’s Saturday Morning show on ITV in January and he cooked up a fantastic ragu recipe which you can see here....

James Martin's Yorkshire Pasta Ragout - The Yorkshire Pasta Company

Yorkshire pasta

We are proud to stock all 5 of The Yorkshire Pasta Company's delicious pastas. We know you will love eating it, the hard thing is deciding which one is your favourite. Pick up a bag this week, you won't regret it.


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