Capturing the real joys in life

Capturing the real joys in life

To me, there is nothing more important in life than family. But admittedly this hasn't always been the case. Previously my main focus was on my career and earning more money, why? Generally so i could afford to buy things to made me feel good (my god so many pairs of shoes!). Although this felt amazing at the time, it really took it's toll on me financially and on my health. 

Unfortunately we are now in a world where we are constantly bombarded by marketing telling us to buy things, mostly things we don't actually need which clog up our homes, our minds and drain our bank balances. It really is hard to escape and has become the norm in our society. But is this really what life should be like?!

Well, 8 years ago something really changed for me, i lost my dear dad. At 55 he was taken way too young by bowel cancer and i was left with a significant hole in my life. Suddenly all those objects, the shoes, the bags, the random appliances i just had to have became insignificant. 


It was at this time i really started to question myself, what is it that really brings me joy? My list was pretty simple, my wonderful friends, my family, long baths with a good book, chocolate (of course) and exploring the wonderful city i live in (York). Now, what all of these have in common is that none of them are about things, but about experiences, creating joy through making memories, laughter and love. 

It was then that i discovered minimalism (which we will come onto in later blogs) and my focus began to shift. I quit my stressful job, started my own business and now have two beautiful children with my other half Rob. 

Our days are never spent walking around the shops (unless Freddie needs shoes ironically!) but spending time with family and loved ones making memories or simply relaxing, enjoying each others company.

Our favourite activity is free, simply going to the park. We are very lucky to live in York filled with beautiful parks where Freddie can explore, blow bubbles, run around and enjoy relaxing in nature with no distractions or stresses. It is bliss. 

family photo by Lovingly From The Stork

We were very lucky recently to have the wonderful Ola from Lovingly From The Stork photograph these special moments for us shortly after Noah was born. When we saw the photos me and Rob both had tears in our eyes. She had perfectly captured the joy we experience from the simplest things and the love we share as a family. Now, instead of our home being cluttered with random objects, it will be filled with photos of wonderful memories and reminders of what is important in life. 

me and baby Noah by Lovingly From The Stork

You can read more about Ola's amazing talents in our other blog but just look at these photos aren't they beautiful! 

What simple things do you find the most joy from? Please do share them in the comments below to inspire others 

Cat x

P.S You can check out Ola's services and amazing talents on her website and social media pages...

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