Hello & Welcome To The Little Green Weigh

Hello & Welcome To The Little Green Weigh

Hi there and a big warm welcome to The Little Green Weigh online!

I thought our first blog on the site should be a little bit about us so you know how and why we opened our lovely little green shop.

The Little Green Weigh founders

I'm Cat the founder of The Little Green Weigh and the lovely fella in the photo is my super supportive fella Rob. For the past few years we've been on our own waste reduction journey. Like most people, change doesn't come easy to us, so things have to be done gradually, but that's how habits are made right?! 

Part of the issue I originally had with making eco friendly switches is that I wanted products to be as affordable as their non planet friendly alternatives and still as functional and beautiful, which proved tricky at the time. It became my personal mission to find products which didn't feel like downgrading or demanded a lot of my time to use. So i wasn't really asking for much! 

Starting this mission made me realise that if i was struggling then other people must be too! So i wanted to put all of my hard work to use and enable others in my community and beyond to access the fabulous planet friendly alternatives i had found. 

That's when planning for The Little Green Weigh began! 

The Little Green Weigh logo

Coming from a research background I set out to understand from others why they struggled to make switches to eco alternatives. The issues were wide ranging but the common theme was convenience. When you're busy working, looking after the kids, socialising etc there's not much time to travel to your nearest zero waste shop and top up your jars, or even have the jars to top up! 


I knew that the shop we created had to make zero waste shopping as simple as possible. Giving customers options to suit their needs and wants wherever they are on their waste reduction journey. 

So we set out with a some core ideas which I am very proud to say we have made a reality...

  • To give customers options, to refill their own containers or provide planet friendly packaging rather than single use plastic for those that don't have or don't want to cart around lots of jars/packs.
  • To enable customers to shop at a time that's best for them by having all of our products available online. So you can shop after a busy day at work, or when the kids are fiiiinally asleep without leaving the house!
  • To be as accessible as possible by offering in store shopping, click and collect, local home delivery via our Crowdfunded van or delivery via courier for those we can't reach. 
  • To offer a quick service. When you desperately need something last minute, we can bring it to you with same day delivery. 
  • To make zero waste shopping enjoyable! We love sharing our journey with our customers, having some giggles and offering a positive shopping experience. 
  • To be challenged - I love when customers challenge us to find them planet friendly alternatives we don't stock, that's why we are constantly adding to our range.

We hope by doing all of these things, that we can take the stress out of shopping zero waste and help more people to easily reduce their and actually enjoy doing it too! 

So if you haven't shopped with us before please give it a try and let us know what you think! 

Cat x



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