Our Time On Telly With Deborah Meaden

Our Time On Telly With Deborah Meaden

So a few months ago I got a message from our lovely customer Tracey saying she'd recommended us for a TV programme she'd seen an advert for on social media. I was so touched by this but honestly didn't think anything would happen. How wrong was I! 


Just a few days later, I get a call from Ruth at the production company asking if i wanted to take part.  We would be telling the story of how we had opened in lockdown, what we had experienced and the challenges we'd faced. And to say thank you we'd get business advice from Deborah Meaden! I love Dragon's Den, I've watched every episode and not only look up to Deborah as a business woman, but also for her passion for the environment. I couldn't wait to get started.   



The team came to film in the shop and capture how we run the business day to day. It was so exciting and nerve wracking! How was our little shop which only launched in July 2020 going to be on the telly!

But then the hard work started, thinking about the future of our little shop. Up to that point we had been in survival mode, I mean who opens a new business in a pandemic!  We asked Deborah for her guidance on how we could ensure we could continue to stay open and make the impact we know we need to for our community and Freddie's future. 


Then came the filming with Deborah, she was so incredibly lovely, knowledgeable and generous with her guidance. Many of the things talked about were quite simple, but so vital to keeping a business open. I walked out to the car park after speaking with her with a new found drive and focus. It was really empowering and I got to work straight away. 


Taking part in this filming has enabled us to grow even stronger bonds with our suppliers and our customers. It strengthened my view that if we work together we can all make a difference, however big or small. Supporting local makers, families and other businesses to make changes which benefit the planet and also allow us to keep our little shop open. I know this is just the beginning of a very long journey and that the hard work, dedication and sacrifices are worth it to know the positive impact we are having on our community and the environment. 


I cannot thank Tracey enough for recommending us for the show. It really has made a dramatic difference to our little shop and to me! I'm so proud and grateful to be part of such an incredibly supportive community. Without you all, none of this would be possible and I can't thank you enough.


The programme is going out on The One Show on the 22nd April at 7pm, on Earth Day. It couldn't be more perfect! We hope you can tune in to watch and hope that it can encourage others to make even just one small change to make a positive difference. 


Cat x


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