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Reusable Baby Wipes - Cotton Flannel & Organic Cotton Fleece (5pack)

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Here they are, our lovely Little Green Baby reusable wipes!

Designs may vary from the images shown 

5 wipes per pack 

Double sided wipes made from 100% cotton flannel and 100% organic cotton fleece with lovely prints to choose from. So whether you want a more sophisticated style or something cute we've got you covered! 


The wipes are around 14-15cm squared, the perfect size for wiping those mucky faces...or bums.


Using your wipes 

Simply wet your baby's skin with water/cleaning solution or wet the wipe.

Wipe baby clean.

Throw the dirty wipe(s) in the washing machine and use again and again.

We advise washing at 30 degrees as it is better for the environment but for hygiene 60 degrees is good. 

The wipes are not pre-washed therefore you can expect some shrinkage over time.