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Reusable Sanitary Pads (6inch, panty liner)

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    Beautiful Cloth Sanitary Pads from IzzyWizzyRoo! I honestly can't recommend these enough after testing them myself for months. They are so unbelievably comfortable and absorbent you won't know why you waited so long to try them. 

    These super soft cotton pads are so absorbent. They have wings with a pop button to keep them in place in your pants. These are also really handy to wrap your pad into a parcel when used if out and about. 

    If you have any questions about these please do get in touch with me and i'm more than happy to answer anything, however personal!  



    We have a range of sizes available to suit your needs. If you've not used reusables before i would recommend measuring the existing pads you use and go with a similar or slightly bigger size.

    Regular or heavy refers to your period. If your periods are heavy you may be more comfortable with a longer pad. 

    6inch Regular - panty liner 

    8inch - Regular - daytime wear 

    10inch - Regular - daytime wear

    12inch Heavy - good for night time wear or if have general heavy periods

    14 inch Heavy -good for night time wear or if have general heavy periods


    Lab Tested 

    These are the only UK based makers to have scientific absorbency testing which has proven that these cloth menstrual pads are 3x more absorbent in tests than a disposable night time pad. The regular size pads are on par with a disposable night time pad.

    How To Care For Your Cloth Sanitary Pads

    Congratulations on making the switch to reusable menstrual products. You’re well on your way to saving the planet.

    To wear your CSP, simply place your pad fleece down (this is usually the black side) into your underwear and use the snaps to secure. 

    You can change your CSP as often as you feel comfortable, but this is just as regularly as you would with a disposable product. 

    All of our CSP are handmade, with flannel extending into the wings, providing a little extra protection against leaks into the wings. There’s a funky material called Zorb inside which is super absorbent, then your pad is backed with fleece which is water resistant, then to top it all off we use jersey knit fabric on the top. This is your pretty side which goes against your skin. 

    When you’ve worn your pad, dry store them in a wet bag or a lidded bucket. You can store them like this, dirty for 3 days. 

    After 3 days, throw them into the washing machine on their own and give them a good rinse. 

    After the rinse you can add towels or other laundry to your machine and pop your pads on a wash, up to 60 degrees (we recommend a 30 or 40 wash, only wash at 60 if you’ve been experiencing a fungal infection.) Do not use fabric softener, this WILL decrease the absorbency of your CSP.

    Once your CSP is washed, we recommend you line or air dry. The sun is brilliant for any stains.

    Once dry, pop them away for your next cycle.