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Lazy Range Crystal Blue 250ml

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    Product Details

    This palest of sparkling blues has a cool clean vibe. The perfect alternative to off-whites, creams and pale greys for your furniture in any setting.

    The Lazy Range is a simply fabulous, award-winning paint with a unique wax infusion - the perfect choice for you to transform your interior furniture and more. Water based, self-priming, self-sealing and easy to use, it has self-levelling properties, meaning little to no brush marks. With a soft, low sheen, it works well on many surfaces including wood, laminate and metal. It has minimal VOC content and is certified UKCA and EN71-3 compliant, making it safe for use on children’s toys.


    • Water based
    • Suitable for interior use only
    • Chalk and mineral paint formulated for wooden furniture, laminate, metal
    • Suitable for walls – in which case thinning with up to 10% tap water is advised
    • Minimal VOC content with virtually no odour
    • UKCA and EN71-3 certified (safe for use on children’s toys) EN71-3:2019+A1:2021 
    • Self-priming - no primer or undercoat required
    • Self-levelling - meaning little to no brushmarks is achievable
    • Self-sealing - does not require a top coat for durability
    • Finish - soft, low sheen


    • A 750ml tin will provide a coat of up to 12.5m2. For a durable finish, a minimum of 2 coats is required, so your 750ml tin should provide full coverage for just over 6m2 on non-porous surfaces like laminate or metal.
    • Porous, or ‘thirsty’ surfaces like bare wood or MDF, tend to absorb paint meaning additional coats are likely to be required to achieve a durable finish. In this case, your 750ml tin will provide less than 6m2 of full coverage. If you apply the paint too thinly, durability may be affected.


    • Ensure surfaces are in suitable condition for painting - clean, dry, free from wax, grease or penetrating substances and in sound condition. If previously painted, remove loose or flaking paint.
    • Surface preparation required in addition to the above – clean with Frenchic Sugar Soap, rinse and dry thoroughly. Hand-sand sufficiently to abrade the surface. Wipe off any dust, paint away! For a great demonstration, see our video from Frenchic TV.
    • Take care on opening the tin lid – a Frenchic tin opener is recommended.
    • Stir thoroughly with a wide implement, such as a Paint Paddle, prior to each use.

    Application, drying and curing (hardening)

    • Apply with a good quality brush or a roller. Also suitable for spraying - thin with up to 15% tap water and apply additional coat(s).
    • To allow self-levelling, avoid overworking the paint
    • Allow a minimum of 1 hour between coats (even if the paint feels touch dry).
    • Curing (hardening) time is 2-3 weeks in normal conditions. Treat gently until curing is complete.

    Clean up and storage

    • Reseal tin after use. Clean up any spills immediately with water. Wash brushes in warm, soapy water.
    • Do not store where the tin could be subjected to damp, frost, freezing or high temperatures.

    Advice for choosing colours

    We make every effort to match our online colour swatches to the paint. However, we cannot guarantee an exact colour replication as images can display differently due to screen types and device settings. In addition, colours can appear differently once in your home due to lighting and surroundings and can present differently depending on surface texture and porosity.